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About Us

Allegiance Construction has build its reputation on creative innovation and unique yet traditional architecture. We are committed to providing high quality craftsmanship at an affordable price. Allegiance Construction believes that good enough is never enough and we will not be satisfied until you are. The staff at Allegiance Construction is proud of the fact that we have always held true to that commitment through integrity and high moral value.​

​​Our staff is very informed with the latest building methods and possesses the experience needed to predict the benefit of using these methods throughout the project. Allegiance Construction is very mindful of the materials that we use on our projects. Our staff is always educating itself with the current economy and the impact of materials used on the environment. Most importantly, we recommend to our customers the benefits of certain materials and building methodologies with regard to their operating costs.

Allegiance Construction is currently focusing on building high end custom residential homes for clients throughout the Northwest and Northeast Phoenix Metropolitan Area. Our services include Custom Residential Builds, Commercial Builds, Project Management as well as Architecture, Design, and Engineering Services.

At Allegiance Construction we specialize in Strategic planning. We make full use of an automated computer application for all of our planning, cost projections, finances and contractual needs.

Please allow us the consideration of taking pride in your next custom dream home, commercial build, management needs, or design services.

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